Thursday, April 24, 2008

IM had a brilliant idea about shopdropping. this is what she said:

"Wht if we do some kind of "around the world operatives" thing? We could all have the same mission, like plant a note in a food item in the grocery store, and do it aroungd the world! And maybe the next week, have a different one, and report on it!It was just an idea..."

Does anyone have a message we could use?


International Mastermind said...

Hi MI! (We have opposite initials!)

Glad you liked my idea. How about we do our own messages? Then it will be more fun, ya know?

Ooh- I popped an idea. What if we join this blog and use one signature message? Then we could all post our results. I could post about it on my blog so people will join. :)

Happy Blogging!

Hania said...

excellent idea! i was thinking about shop dropping a note/piece of art(eg: cartoon/funny poem.)
i would like to koin your blog club or whatever its called.

Hania said...

Hmmm, a funny but informative poem. Or a secretive one.

sekrit7 said...

How about "Be Dangourous" or somthing like that. Good idea!