Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm back

Today is the third day of Ramadhan. Yay about that.

also i'm back. I had a little problem with my blogger account, but now it's fixed. So, ha ha to whoever tried to hack into it.

so, sorry about the whole disapearing thing.

but now i'm back.

and in a little while i'll be gone. he he he, as in i'm going somewhere for Iftar*.
So, if anyone still wants to continue the notes, i'll still post them here.

also i'm sure alot of you irregulars have been here by now. I have an account on there, but i'm not going to say who it is.

I've already submitted my entry for the Kiki Strike contest, and i have two more to send in. If you don't see anything by me if i end up in the finalists, that's because i submitted with my other blogger account.

And no, i'm not going to say what that account is.

*Iftar: is the meal you eat when you break your fast at Maghrib. Maghrib is the evening prayer.

Just a little note: please don't leave comments about food.


Hazel said...

You're back!!!! I missed you! Yaaay!

Muslim Irregular said...


But i might not post too often.

Random Irregular said...

OOoo, you're back! Yay!!!!

Hehe, me neither MI. Busy, busy.
How's it going so far?

Irregular Kiki said...

Hi Muslim Irregular!! We missed you! Do you fast at school? It kind of makes me go crazy sometimes, instead of tired and lazy.
While you were gone, I read Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. I loved it.

Welcome back!!!

Hazel said...

That's OK. If I has a blog, it would probably die of neglect.

liltomboyblue11;) said...

Geez, that sucks! Why would someone hack your account?!?!? so sorry, we missed you!

Muslim Irregular said...

Irregular Kiki: Yes, i fast at school. it doesn't have any effect on me until ten minutes before iftar. that's when i collapse on the sofa exhausted. I go to an Islamic School, so it's okay 'cuz not everyone's eating. And the little kids who are eating, they try to stay out of everyone's site.

liltomboyblue11:): I don't know! thanks.

Everyone: does anyone have an idea about what we should do next as a mission? i can't do much right ow because, other than that i'm fasting, i have to format a newsletter. that makes my eyes hurt. heh heh heh. (i sometimes use that as a sarcastic laugh...whatever..)

Anonymous said...

hmm... as a mission... idk. I will thi9nk though!