Monday, May 12, 2008

Finally, someone is actually working on Irregular Mission 1

let's all aplause for liltomboyblue11;) !!!

"hello. i am a young irregular from winston-salem nc (Iwill be 12 next month, but people say i look/act older). i went to the library to begin mission 1. i left a note in the following books;The Fake ID, by Walter Sorrells, Princess Academy by Shannon Hale, and Paranormal Phenomena. i will be at the library more over the summer so i can continue, but no one found any today."

has anybody else tried?
I can guess that everybody is probably buried under mounds of homework and is probably caught in some mystery or another.

so... It should be okay if you can't get to the library/bookstore on the exact date. Just leave the message whenever you get to.

also, can you guys tell me what the messsage you leave says. (and if there are any strange responses to it: someone glances around suspiciously, rips the note untill it's unreadable, runs out of the library, and isn't seen again!)


Random Irregular said...

YaY liltomboyblue11!
For my message I was thinking of using the Irregulars logo, the Kiki Strike website and the book they should read(which is Kiki Strike). Also, I'll leave a bit of info on who 'we' are.
I have 5 assignments due all next week. Aaaghhh!

Muslim Irregular said...

that sounds good!

because of state testing, i have no homework.

but the teacher has us doing progects on our science book. i also have to write about a 'summer job', even though i'm probably not old enough to have one, and i'm writing it like a mystery story. aaaaaaaand i also have to write a book report. i've already done both of the Kiki Strike books, so i need to find another book to read.

Random Irregular, do you think it's a good idea if you leave your blogger name (like if i left i message, should i also write "Muslim Irregular" on the bottom?)?

Invisible Turtle said...

I left three messages saying 'be dangerous' and I left them behind a bunch of history books, a daring book for girls, and a spy book.

Random Irregular said...

Hmmm, it's really upto you. Or maybe we can make a joint email JUST for these shopdropping notes.
Hehe, my friend and I did book reports on K.S(she did book 1 and I did book 2)

I have SIX assignments now and a compuslory credit point thingy. God help me!!!
I have state/national testing too. It finished today. We had English eonventions, comprehension, maths(no calc) and maths(calc allowed)

FN da World Dictator said...

I went to best buy and left the message "Be dangerous, Irregularity!" and these are I links I put-
IM's blog
Ananka's Diary
Muslim Irregular
Random Irregular
And mine.

Random Irregular (to lazy to sign in, LoL) said...

I haven't been shopping for ages, but when I do, I will.

Irregular Kiki said...

Yes, for that book report/oral presentation of K.S. I did book 1 and I didn't even practice! I had a whole paper in front of me talking about what the book's about, it was supposed to help me with my speech but I forgot to write one! Anyway I got 27/30 and I got 5/5 for organization. yay.
R.I. did K.S. book 2.