Saturday, May 24, 2008

i put up a list that names some strange laws. so, i think that some of these laws are probably made up, but they're still very funny.;

this is the link for the website that lists them.

i found this on Invisible Turtle's blog.


Random Irregular said...

i found somethin realy sick. it's on my blog. and i literally mean it!

FN (who hates flarps) said...

This weekend, i drew the irregular logo with chalk all over the neiborhood. The management actulally complained about it in the newslettter thingies. I never knew it can go THAT far. What I don't get was that last month, some girl wrote stuff like HAPPYLAND and SMILEYWORLD and friendship blop. They don't complain about that! Blah. The world is strange

Irregular Kiki said...

I'm actually quite relieved that the law:
"In Baldwin Park, nobody is allowed to ride a bicyle in a swimming pool"

doesn't apply here. I ride my bicyle inside the swimming pool all the time! Very common thing to do instead of swim inside a swimming pool!