Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random Irregular, (1

great job Random Irregular! this is the note that Random Irregular left. isn't it just simply marvelous!
to see the message, simply click on where the picture of the message is supposed to be. the reason it's not showing up properly is because:
a) somethings wrong with my computer
b) my computer thinks it's a pop-up
c) somethings wrong with blogger


FN da World Dictator said...

That note is soooo much better than mine!!! I din't have much time to type more though.

Random Irregular said...

awww, thank you Muslim Irregular:)

Muslim Irregular said...

your welcome, RI,

today during school i tried to see if it was only my computer/internet, but the note didn't show up at school either.

yep there's something wrong with blogger!

Irregular Kiki said...

Hi, I am a close friend of Random Irregular. I also plant Irregular notes into books, RI printed and gave me some. I'm thinking I should make some too.

Good luck with Irregular missions to all!