Sunday, May 18, 2008

if you need spy tips:

---read Kiki Strike (which you probably already did!)
---Visit International Mastermind's blog
---Random Irregular's blog
---Invisable Turtle's blog

Kiki Strike books have evrything in them.
International Mastermind has very good info, that everybody should read.
Random Irregular has very useful info on going on missions.
Invisible Turtle has info on evesdropping/spying.

just in case someone's still looking for a reliable source.


Random Irregular said...

The days are getting shorter where I live. Prayer's are earlier now. I like longer days.
(Just being R@nd0M)

Muslim Irregular said...


but isn't summer starting? or are you on the opposite side of the world. except... for you it wouldn't be opposite.

i'm sopposed to write a 'longer' book report.

i think the teacher wants me to give away the ending in the story.

so now i'm writingsomething called ' how to kill a book'.

wonder if she'll understand. o^-^o

normally i write a longer book report, but she always tells me 'can you shorten it?'


you really can be random!

FN da World Dictator said...

tabasco sauce covered meteorites.
Yes, that's what I said when I jumped randomly off the tree I was climbing. It didn't hurt. Anyways, I'm spying on some people tomorrow, and maybe shopdrop a note.

Hazel said...

I finally got something done for your mission!
I took a piece of chalk and wrote KIKI STRIKE on the ground near our house, and on the ground at the end of this alley near our house.

Random Irregular said...

I live in the southern hemisphere. The world's largest island. 0_o. Know where it is?
Hehe, when we did book reprts, EVERYONE gave away the ending to the books they read. The teacher told us not to(after they were all reported). Yes, write a report on How to Kill A Book.
Do you have a YouTube account? I made one and made a couple of videos but they ain't loading. Waaawaaa.

Random Irregular said...

Woops,I forgot to tell you something, I am Muslim TOO! Yay! We are sisters(in Islam). You are Muslim, right?(yes, I know what a lame question that is)

Muslim Irregular said...

yes, i'm Muslim (kinda obvious!)

i did write the 'how to kill a book' book report, do you want me to post it? but, if i post it---it'll ruin the ending of the 'Gilda Joyce' book, if anyone was planning on reading it.

wait---- i was thinking (that sounds lame!),,, isn't Australia the biggest island. there a reason continents aren't considered islands? because they're just giant clumps of dirt floating in the sea.

Random Irregular said...

Yes, I'm from Australia.
No, I've never heard of Gilda Joyce, but I'll check it out.
Yes! Post your book report(if you wan to that is).
Asutralia is a continent because it meets all the special critera of being a continent.
You are seriously funny World Dictator.

FN da World Dictator said...

I am Muslim too. It's surprising to see how much Muslims like Kiki Strike!! I wonder if there are more...then all us sisters in Islam would be kiki strike fans! By the way, I'm probably going to NYC in the summer!

FN da World Dictator said...

Marmalade covered Pie masks.
Yes, another random jump-and-say-something action. This time, I fell off my bike. This time it hurt bad.

liltomboyblue11;) said...

had anyone been to the spy mueseum in washington DC? also, if you read the Daring Book For Girls you can learn a lot about