Thursday, May 29, 2008

FN da World Dictator (2

This weekend, i drew the irregular logo with chalk all over the neiborhood. The management actulally complained about it in the newslettter thingies. I never knew it can go THAT far. What I don't get was that last month, some girl wrote stuff like HAPPYLAND and SMILEYWORLD and friendship blop. They don't complain about that! Blah. The world is strange

Saturday, May 24, 2008

i put up a list that names some strange laws. so, i think that some of these laws are probably made up, but they're still very funny.;

this is the link for the website that lists them.

i found this on Invisible Turtle's blog.

an alternate form of shoppdropping,,, Hazel (1

I finally got something done for your mission!I took a piece of chalk and wrote KIKI STRIKE on the ground near our house, and on the ground at the end of this alley near our house.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

if you need spy tips:

---read Kiki Strike (which you probably already did!)
---Visit International Mastermind's blog
---Random Irregular's blog
---Invisable Turtle's blog

Kiki Strike books have evrything in them.
International Mastermind has very good info, that everybody should read.
Random Irregular has very useful info on going on missions.
Invisible Turtle has info on evesdropping/spying.

just in case someone's still looking for a reliable source.

FN da World Dictator (1

FN said:

I went to best buy and left the message "Be dangerous, Irregularity!" and these are I links I put-
IM's blog
Ananka's Diary
Muslim Irregular
Random Irregular
And mine.

Random Irregular, (1

great job Random Irregular! this is the note that Random Irregular left. isn't it just simply marvelous!
to see the message, simply click on where the picture of the message is supposed to be. the reason it's not showing up properly is because:
a) somethings wrong with my computer
b) my computer thinks it's a pop-up
c) somethings wrong with blogger

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Invisable Turtle (1)

Invisible Turtle said:
left three messages saying 'be dangerous' and I left them behind a bunch of history books, a daring book for girls, and a spy book.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Finally, someone is actually working on Irregular Mission 1

let's all aplause for liltomboyblue11;) !!!

"hello. i am a young irregular from winston-salem nc (Iwill be 12 next month, but people say i look/act older). i went to the library to begin mission 1. i left a note in the following books;The Fake ID, by Walter Sorrells, Princess Academy by Shannon Hale, and Paranormal Phenomena. i will be at the library more over the summer so i can continue, but no one found any today."

has anybody else tried?
I can guess that everybody is probably buried under mounds of homework and is probably caught in some mystery or another.

so... It should be okay if you can't get to the library/bookstore on the exact date. Just leave the message whenever you get to.

also, can you guys tell me what the messsage you leave says. (and if there are any strange responses to it: someone glances around suspiciously, rips the note untill it's unreadable, runs out of the library, and isn't seen again!)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I've added links to irregular blogs. i don't have all of them up yet, but i will get them up when i can!

What every Irregular should know

---all the usefull tips in the Kiki Strike books
---the language of the Fan, it might come in handy some day
---maybe know the language of flowers
---know a variety of codes
---know more than one language, if possible
---other Irregular blogs and websites

and also, i'm going to set the date for when Irregular Mission 1 will take place, iit will be a multiple number of days:

-May 11 (tomorrow, yes, i know, it's a weekend. surely you can manage that!)
-May 20 (because it's the first number that popped into my mind!)
-April 3
- Any day you happen to be at the library or bookstore.

Just in case someone forgot, or if i haven't posted about it yet, :

- leave the message 'be dangerous' or anything else you can think of inside a mystery/spy book. remember to leave the addresses for Irregular blogs and websites (, International Masterminds blog....)
-record who picks up the book and describe how they ae acting(example: suspicious) (no actual names, please) and if they take the slip of paper hidden inside the book.
- does the person put the book back? or throw away the slip of paper?
- is there any unusual activity?

Post a comment on your observations. i will publish the comment as a post.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008